Andrew Mikolajski
Andrew Mikolajski

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“Andrew has a unique style of presentation which made his talk entertaining, informative and memorable…”
Biddenham Garden Club


“Members were delighted by the information, the confidence and audibility of the presentation

and the humour”

Onecote Bloomers Gardening Group


“Loads of information and a lively delivery. Your talk was much appreciated!”

Mickleton Garden Club


"You have definitely inspired the group..."

Nottingham Hardy Plant Society


Talks, demos and workshops

Lamport Hall and its gardens    Lamport is famous as the home of garden gnomes – but how did they get there?

Plants for free (demonstration/workshop)    Propagating plants – how to collect and prepare seed and take cuttings, plus – cutting up bulbs! Autumn only

Topical tips for the season    Content depends on time of year – plants to enjoy, gardens to visit, pruning (or not!), likely pests and diseases, etc.

Plants for shade     Gardeners often wonder what to plant in a shady spot – in fact, the possibilities are endless!

    The botany of these star performers and how to choose, grow and propagate them

Container gardening (demonstration)

Unkindest cut? (pruning demonstration)

The garden at York Gate, Leeds 
    Created by the Spencer family, this beautiful garden is now maintained by Perennial,  the Gardeners' Royal Benevolent Society

Apples    Britain's favourite fruit. The history of apples, apples in commerce, and why we should be growing them in gardens

Shakespeare's plants and gardens   
    Plants and gardens had a particular importance to Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Looking at the restoration project at Kenilworth Castle in particular, we explore what plants meant to the Elizabethans

Gardens of the USA    A look at the history of gardening in the US, including some contemporary gardens designed by Martha Schwartz and Isabelle Greene, with a flying visit to Hollywood

Pin me to the wall – and do what you want with me    How to choose and manage climbers and wall shrubs

'Come into the garden, Maud'    The gardens of Victorian England

Roses    Their place in history – and which are the best varieties for the garden today

Permaculture for gardeners  

March of the women    Who are the notable women gardeners of the past - and today? Includes some American gardeners

NEW Right plant, right place    What to grow where, in other words...

NEW Conifers

NEW Plants as pets   Choosing and caring for houseplants

NEW Trees!   We should all be planting more trees. How do you decided which is/are best for you?






January 9

Hardy Plant Society, South Pennine Group

The March of the Women


January 17

Hemlock Gardening Club

"Pin Me to the Wall..."


February 5

Snitterfield Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


February 6

Stansted Mountfitchet Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


February 11

Dunstable Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'/Roses (for small gardens)


February 12

Surrey Garden Design Group



February 16

Bucks and Oxon Hardy Plant Society



February 20

Brixworth & District U3A Gardening Group

Plants for Shade


February 20

Mickleton Garden Club

Gardens of the USA


February 21

Spratton Garden Club

Come into the Garden, Maud


March 6

Bourtons Gardening Club

The March of the Women


March 13

Welford Gardening Club

Plants for Shade


March 19

Barby Gardening Club

The Gardens of Lamport Hall


April 3

Henleaze Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


April 4

Hatch End Horticultural Society

The Gardens of Lamport Hall


April 8

Burton Dassett Gardening Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


April 10

Kennington Gardening Club/Gardening Club

Topical Tips/Container Gardening


April 13

Preston Bissett Nurseries

Pests and Diseases


April 16

Claverdon Gardening Group

Container Gardening


April 18

Tredington Garden Club



April 24

Gretton Gardening Club

Container Gardening


April 25

Kinver Horticultural Society

Unkindest Cut


April 27

HPS/Derbyshire Group

Topical Tips


May 1

Watlington Gardening Club



May 7

Harrow National Trust

Shakespeare's Plants and Gardens


May 11

Preston Bissett Nurseries

Right Plant, Right Place


June 5

Cleeve Prior Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


June 12

Chaddesley Corbett Gardeners' Club

Shakespeare's Plants & Gardens


June 25

Otmoor Garden Society

Plants for Shade


June 27

Northampton Museum Over 60s

Come into the Garden, Maud


July 15

Fagus Gardening Club

March of the Women


July 18

Kidderminster Horticultural Society

"Come into the Garden, Maud"


July 24

Stanford in the Vale Gardening Club



July 25

Amersham Gardening Association

Permaculture for Gardeners


August 7

Whilton Gardening Club



August 8

Chalfont St Giles Gardens Association

Container Gardening


August 15

Bourne End Horticultural Society

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


August 21

Hampton in Arden Gardening Club

Topical Tips


September 2

Harwell Gardeners' Club



September 3

Kimble and Ellesborough Horticultural Scoiety

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


September 5

Bretforton Garden Club

"Pin Me to the Wall..."


September 7

Cambs & Beds Hardy Plant Society

The Garden at York Gate


September 9

Cottesmore Garden Club

"Pin Me to the Wall..."


September 10

Nottingham Organic Gardeners

Plants for Free!


September 11

Buckland, Drayton Beauchamp and Aston Clinton Horticultural Society

"Pin Me to the Wall..."


September 23

Freeland Gardening Club

Come into the Garden, Maud


September 26

Bell Plantation Nursery

GQT (BBC Radio Northampton)


September 27

Dorney and District Horticultural Society



September 28

Lincolnshire Hardy Plant Society

Topical Tips


October 2

Pattishall Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


October 7

Broughton Gifford Gardening Society



October 10

Groby Gardening Society

Come into the Garden, Maud


October 16

Baldock Horticultural Society

Plants for Free


October 17

Ashdon Gardening Club



October 18

Hillingdon Amateur Gardeners



October 22

Glenfield Gardening Club



November 6

Maidford Garden Group

Come into the Garden, Maud


November 13

Reading Gardeners' Club

Gardens of the USA


November 18

Southam Gardening  Club

The March of the Women




January 15

Chinnor U3A/Gardening Group

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


February 5

Roade Garden Club



February 18

Evenley Gardening Society

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


February 19

Brixworth and District U3A Gardening Group

The Garden at York Gate,  Leeds


February 26

Boddington and District Garden Association



March 4

Great Bourton Garden Club

Shakespeare's Plants and Gardens


March 10

Long Buckby and District Gardening Club



March 11

Women's Horticultural Society, Coventry

'Come into the Garden, Maud'


March 17

Great Haseley Horticultural Society

Container Gardening


March 18

Chardstock Gardening Club



March 24

Lower Windrush Garden Club



March 26

Speen Garden Group



April 20

Midhurst Garden Club

Shakespeare's Plants and Gardens


April 21

Oakley Gardening Club



April 25

Preston Bissett Nurseries

Plants for Shade


April 29

Southport Chyrsanthemum and Gardening Society



May 12

Wing Garden Club

'Pin Me to the Wall...'


May 13

Chieveley Gardening Club

Container gardening


May 14

Chalfont St Giles Gardening Association



June 3

Kenilworth Horticultural Society

Shakespeare's Plants and Gardens


August 4

Burbage Garden Club



September 8

Winslow and District Gardening Society



September 16

Mickleton Gardening Club



September 21

Ramsey Horticultural Society



October 13

Ockbrook & Borrowash Garden Club



October 14

Women's Horticultural Society, Coventry

Plants for Free!